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Short Sale Information



A short sale is a real estate transaction that happens when the home owner owes more on their home than the home is worth. In this situation the lender will agree to accept a offer on the home that is lower than the amount left to pay. The name “short sale” can be decieiving because what this transaction is not actually “short”. It is really a long and time consuming process, much longer than a traditional home for sale. The good news is that a California short sale is a great opportunity for the home seller because it allows them to avoid foreclosure and allows them to settle their loan with the lender for a lower amount.   HOW CAN I QUALIFY FOR A SHORT SALE IN CALIFORNIA?

If you are a home owner and you want to short sale your home you must show your lender that you are in a financial hardship. This financial hardship should be significant enough that it justifies your inability to pay off your mortgage. Remember, short sales are not for home sellers who just want to sell their home to a home buyer. Short sales are for home wowner who must sell their home in order to avoid foreclosure.   WHAT FINANCIAL HARDSHIPS CAN QUALIFY ME?

Wondering if your financial situation can help you get a short sale in California? Check out this financial hardship list:

Loss of income Hospital bills or other medical expenses  Unemployment Increased living expenses Divorce Relocation Vacant rental property Inability to pay for major home repairs



At Benchmark Estates we concentrate on helping you sell your home. If you owe more than your house is worth, are going through a financial hardship and you live in California we can help. Our team of licensed Realtors are Short Sale Experts and are ready to offer your short sale services for FREE (Remember, legally, short sales should NOT cost you any money)! We have helped hundreds and thousands of home owners complete their California short sale, avoid foreclosure and obtain the economic freedom they have always wanted.   BENCHMARK ESTATE SHORT SALE PACKAGE

We work hard to sell your home and we want our clients to leave the deal with their best interest satisfied. Here’s how we work:

Consultation – Our licensed and regulated real estate agents explain the entire short sale process to you, the home owner. During this consultation please feel free to as us any questions that you may have, its important that home owners are educated on the short sale process as well.   HAFA Qualification Assessment – After the consultation our staff will ask you a number of question to see if you qualify for the HAFA program which offers home owners incentitives if they complete s short sale… $3,000 cash back!   Negotiation Procedures – Once the initial consultation is complete our short sale experts and licensed Realtors will negotiate with the bank to get your home sold. We will list your home, find qualified buyers and complete the short sale. Remember, the lender pays all the closing costs so this is a free service for you.   Contact Benchmark Estates today and speak to our local short sale expert who know how to get the job done.